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Vines Syrah ( %)

Color: Ruby red in color with a purple and bright nail, which is a prelude to its throbbing youth.

Smell: The nose is intriguing, with hints of small red and black fruits, black pepper and chocolate.

Taste: As in the best tradition of this international grape variety, it is warm, tannic and full-bodied, fairly alcoholic on the palate.

Food pairings: The spicy notes make it an ideal companion for meat sauce, baked pasta, stewed wild boar with red fruit coulis and, in general, spiced red meats, especially pink pepper.

At the "heart" of Masciarelli history. The line of products bearing his name was born in 1991 from the private and professional bond between Gianni and Marina. Made up of 6 references, the Marina Cvetic line is characterized by the presence of pure international vines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay) alongside Montepulciano and Trebbiano. The reading that is offered is original and with character: structured and elegant, Marina Cvetic wines are an "out of the box" voice for the most demanding and savvy palates.

The origins of the Syrah grape are remote and controversial. There are those who believe that it has origins in Persia, near the city of Shiraz, and those who place it between Anatolia and the Middle East tracing its appearance in Europe to the emperor Marcus Aurelius who, returning from Egypt, would have planting allowed in Syracuse. Whatever the truth, Syrah has taken place well in the Rhone Valley, in France, and only returned to Italy in the early nineteenth century, perfectly acclimatising itself to Sicily, Tuscany and the central-southern regions.

Syrah Colline Pescaresi IGT Marina Cvetic comes from a single vineyard planted nine years ago in Loreto Aprutino, in the Pescara hinterland, on clayey soils with a strong sandy component located 350 meters above sea level. The Syrah grape has found the optimal conditions in the climatic characteristics of this segment of Abruzzo to express its vigor and give the grapes a potential to interpret and develop.

Vinified in stainless steel tanks, it is aged for 12 months in French oak barriques and then rests in the bottle for another 12 months.

First year of production: 2014
Number of bottles produced: 5.000 / 7.000
Municipality of production and vineyard elevation: Loreto Aprutino
(Località Cocciapazza), 350 m a.s.l.
Yield per hectare: 6,000 - 7,000 kg
Training system: simple Guyot
Harvest period: end of September
Fermentation: Fermentation in stainless steel. It ages in French oak barrels for 12 months, in bottle for 12 months


MASCIARELLI Tenute Agricole was born in 1981 from the entrepreneurial intuition of Gianni Masciarelli, a symbol of the Italian wine scene and protagonist of the affirmation of modern Abruzzese viticulture. The beating heart of the winery is San Martino sulla Marrucina, in the province of Chieti, and has vineyards and olive groves owned in the 4 provinces of Abruzzo. The wine production - which is also accompanied by a small production of extra virgin olive oil - today has 18 labels and 5 product lines: Classic Line, Gianni Masciarelli, Villa Gemma, Marina Cvetic and Castello di Semivicoli. In the sign of constant and renewed work in the name of innovation but respecting the environment and tradition, the Masciarelli company inaugurated, after a long conservative restoration, the Semivicoli Castle, a seventeenth-century baronial palace today a relais de charme among the vineyards, driving force of wine tourism in the area.

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