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Vines Bombino bianco ( %), ( %)
Philosophy Bio Wein
Bubbles Jahrgangswein, Millesimato, Millésimé

Color: Straw yellow with fine perlage.
Smell: The nose is intense and elegant with notes of white fruit and white flowers, hints of bread making.
Taste: Fresh and elegant on the palate, balanced and tonic, with excellent persistence.
Food pairing: Excellent with fish and shellfish dishes, sushi, raw seafood, cold cuts and cheeses.

The culture of wine has very ancient roots, dating back as far as 2000 BC. when the Phoenician merchants landed in Puglia bringing new vines and new cultivation techniques.
It is from these lands, in particular from the area of ​​Daunia, a subregion of Puglia, already known as Capitanata and from the meeting of two white grapes (Falanghina and Bombino) the sparkling wine "Masseria nel Sole" is born.
This sparkling wine made with the classic method, a complex process that gives the product an excellent result.
The main feature of this method is given by the fact that the refermentation takes place in the bottle, the same bottle that will end up on the final consumer's table.
A lot of care is needed to create a quality product, suitable to be served on the most special occasions and to give us the best toasts. In fact, thanks to the use of vineyards such as Falanghina, with its full-bodied grapes and Bombino, which if used for vinification can give thick and long-lasting wines, the "Masseria nel Sole" sparkling wine gives those who sip it an intense moment of pleasure.

Masseria Nel Sole

The farm since 1979, and for at least twenty years, has been managed by Bruno Pitta, who has dedicated himself throughout this period to the production of what were the traditional crops of the area, wheat and oil. With the entry into the company of Gianni, Bruno's eldest son, the production was followed by the transformation and marketing with its own registered trademark which is Masseria nel Sole agricultural company. Daunia is the land of the Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucera PDO. For this reason, in wanting to expand the production with other products, it was impossible not to think of wine, and so several vines were planted and a cellar was created. La Masseria nel Sole has deep roots, rooted in time. Surrounded by the crops of the Capitanata, it is located in the enchanting countryside of Lucera, in the deep Daunia, a land of ancient origins and famous for its important historical link with the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. Agricultural products are grown on land with organic certification. High quality raw materials, able to offer products of the highest quality made with the use of traditional processes alongside the most advanced technologies, without ever forgetting respect for the environment.

Classic Method

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