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Vines Nero di Troia (100 %)

Color: Cherry pink with violet reflections.
Smell: The nose is elegant with fruity hints of cherry, strawberry and currant.
Taste: On the palate it is fresh and balanced, dry and persistent.
Food pairing: Perfect first and second courses based on fish and shellfish, cold cuts, fresh cheeses, also ideal as an aperitif.

Soil: Loose, medium-textured, mainly calcareous.
Harvest: The grapes for this wine are harvested in September when they are not yet ripe, in boxes by hand.
Vinification: Product obtained from the white vinification of Nero di Troia grapes. The skins remain in contact with the must for no more than 6 hours, then they are removed and the must left to ferment at 16 °C. Cryomaceration at 5 °C allows a delicate extraction of color and aromas from the peel.


The young company is based in Ruvo di Puglia. Vineyards bred to espalier, olive groves and orchards. This is what surrounds the company. Only and exclusively autochthonous vines for the cultivation of our grapes. From these plants we produce our wines: Nero di Troia, Montepulciano, for red grapes. Bombino, Malvasia, Greco and Minutolo for white grapes. All the wine production is selected, vinified and bottled in the underground rooms. The grapes are chosen bunch by bunch on the vine, collected in boxes and only the best go to create our wines. The company has always underlined its origins during the course of its life, not defining itself as entrepreneurs but a family of winemakers. And as winemakers, they have always been convinced that excellent wine is born in the vineyards, simply with care, dedication, experience and knowledge. As winemakers, they have always wanted enthusiasts to see work in the vineyard. The personal relationship with each of the customers is the basis of our daily commitment.

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