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Vines Verdeca ( %)

Color: straw yellow with golden reflections.

Bouquet: fine, delicate pleasantly fruity with hints of pineapple and rennet apple.

Taste: savory and pleasantly fresh. Elegant and of good intensity.

Food matches: It goes well with shellfish and seafood cuisine, tasty Mediterranean first courses.

Soil type: Clayey, on layers of tufaceous rock.
Harvest: early September.
Type of collection: Manual.
Vinification: The grapes are softly pressed and only the juice, about 30%, is destined for the final product. The temperature
plays an important role as the grapes are put in the press at a temperature of 14 ° - 16 ° C with
a slight pause in time to
extract more perfumes and aromas. Subsequently, the flower must obtained is made
ferment at a constant temperature of
18 ° C for a period of about 7- 8 days, then it is transferred to steel tanks
and left to rest for the right time.
The harvest, suitably anticipated, gives the product a good one
overall acidity and therefore a remarkable hold over time.
The best qualities of wine are also appreciable over
two years from listing. Its characteristics of finesse and freshness are
combined with a good balance and a
savory and fruity taste.

Michele Calò e Figli

Tuglie, land where our fathers taught us to shape these grapes, where great wines are born in the vineyards cared for and protected by courageous and hardworking hands capable of pruning vines, selecting grapes and accompanying only the most beautiful bunches in the cellar, it is the lung and the fulcrum in which our energies take shape, is the center where the Michele Calò e Figli Winery, since 1954, has its productive heart. Our vineyards, located in the most favorable areas of the municipalities of Tuglie, Alezio, Parabita and Sannicola, are soils with different characteristics but which give the wines incredibly varied nuances giving precious grapes that are carefully selected and "softly" pressed. The passion dedicated together with the love lavished in this ancient and yet so modern craft is immense. A job that must know how to combine the best traditions with new knowledge, be able to put together different vines by expertly calibrating them, so as to obtain a perfect product in terms of flavor, color and perfume.

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