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Limoncello, Tangerine, Irish Cream, Rhum, Sambuca. Five specialities that involves the best of the Italian traditional liqueur art and the intense aroma of the most fine aromatic distillate.
To satisfy every taste for all occasions.


It all began back in 1894, when Nicola Mucci started up the first factory in the historic center of Andria, where the "Giovanni Mucci" Confetto Museum is currently located, recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and listed among the Historic Places of Italy. Since then it has started to produce chocolate, candies and sugared almonds, using, for the latter, the precious Apulian almonds. In 1920 he invented "Mandorla Imperial", a new, unique sugared almond made with the prized “Fra Giulio” peeled almond, known as “Avola di Puglia”, covered with a layer of white chocolate and lightly coated. Its evolution led, in the 1930s, to the creation of the famous "Tenerelli Mucci", still processed today according to the original recipe, with Almonds from Toritto (BA) and "Nocciole del Piemonte IGP", covered with dark, white and a light layer of colored jam. For an ever growing production, the enterprising Nicola built a first large factory, equipping it with brand new plants for the production of chocolate, sugared almonds and candies. This new factory has over eighty employees, three-quarters of whom are girls involved in decorating sugared almonds, wrapping sweets, chocolates and Easter eggs. In 1934, due to the crisis of '29, production is reduced and Nicola is forced to downsize the company and move back to the first factory. In 1945 Giovanni Mucci inherited the factory, started by his father Nicola, developing the current Mucci Giovanni brand from 1894. Soon the products crossed the regional and national borders becoming famous for their inimitable goodness and taste. In 1975 the company passed into the hands of Giovanni's children who, with unchanged passion, take care of and pass on not only the family secrets, but above all the love and enthusiasm for their work. The current Mucci heirs, sons and grandsons of Giovanni, inaugurated the modern factory in Trani, where, even today, simply unique sugared almonds and dragées are produced, according to the canons and artisanal methods of the high confectionery tradition. "Quality" is the categorical imperative of a family that has always devoted attention, passion and research to the creation of small masterpieces of confectionery to offer in the happy moments of life. A family that cultivates a noble and elevated ambition: to increase the excitement of a party.

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