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Eligo dell’Ornellaia Grappa Riserva is an expression of Ornellaia's philosophy, according to which a rigorous selection process of the grapes in the vineyard and at every stage of production are fundamental to create the best possible quality.

With the arrival of autumn, after the Ornellaia wines have been transferred to the French oak barrels for aging, the marc is entrusted to an artisan distillery in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Here the master distiller, with his own skills, extracts the delicate aromatic heart from the skins of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

After the patient distillation in small copper stills, the grappa is aged for at least three years - twice as long as expected to obtain a Grappa Riserva - in the barrels owned by Ornellaia.

It is then assembled with the reserves of the previous years to obtain greater breadth and character. To ensure its craftsmanship, grappa is distilled, assembled and bottled in the same distillery. With its aromas, silky texture and splendid golden nuances, Eligo dell 'Ornellaia Grappa Riserva stands out for its unique origin and style, inspired by nature and perfected by man.


For 700 years the Frescobaldi family has combined tradition, experience and innovation with creativity and the pursuit of excellence. The family has always tried to develop and celebrate the diversity of the Tuscan terroir. Being proud owners of some of the major vineyards in the region, they have always tried to maintain the identity and autonomy of each property. ORNELLAIA, known as one of the most iconic wineries in the world, has reached the flower of its development under the ownership of the Frescobaldi family. Ornellaia is one of the estates belonging to the family, together with ATTEMS (Friuli) MASSETO, DANCANTE, LUCE DELLA VITE and the six estates FRESCOBALDI Nipozzano, CastelGiocondo, Pomino, Ammiraglia, Castiglioni and Remole. The company's production philosophy focuses on one goal: quality. Each choice therefore takes on extreme importance and implies absolute attention to detail. No shortcuts are allowed at any stage of the production process: this is our way of working and this is how we manage to obtain the best grapes based on the climatic characteristics of each vintage. During the harvest, analyzes and empirical tests allow us to carefully choose the bunches to be harvested. The tasting of the grapes allows to better evaluate the maturation of the tannins and the balance of the bunches, to establish the best time for the harvest and the winemaking technique for the grapes of each plot. We subject the grapes to a double selection: a first sorting table for quality verification, then a second check for the removal of any residual vegetation. The grapes of each cru ferment separately, as each base wine contributes to the creation of the final blend, by virtue of the specific conditions of the vineyard of origin: combination of soil, climatic exposure and of course the type of grape variety. Only after a year of aging in cask are the base wines assembled in accordance with the two main criteria: the expression of elegance inherent in the spirit of Ornellaia and the style of the vintage.

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