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Vines Nebbiolo ( %)

Color: Garnet red with slight ruby reflections.
Smell: The nose is elegant, intense and complex, with notes of citrus and withered flowers, tobacco and hints of peach and raspberry.
Taste: The palate is full-bodied and well structured, characterized by a vigorous, fresh and balanced tannin, with good persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for traditional dishes based on red meats and game, roasts, braised meats, dishes with mushrooms, truffles, aged cheeses and cold cuts.

Production areas: Multiple vineyards (San Bernardo, Ornato, Parafada, Serra and Gabutti) with different exposures, all within the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba.
Soil: Mainly calcareous-clayey, with variations for each single vineyard.
Breeding system: Simple Guyot.
Harvest: Manual.
Vinification: Fermentation in steel tanks.
Aging: For 24 months in large oak barrels.
Bottles produced: 20,000.


Originally from Guarene, Piero Palladino spent his youth in Alba, where he studied at the Enological Institute. Obtained employment as an oenologist with a Biella wine merchant, he moved there immediately after the war, without breaking the link with Alba and the Langhe. In the following years, the initiative that distinguishes him led him to start businesses in different sectors, to finally land in textiles. Wine remains a passion that, at the first opportunity, is strongly affirmed: in 1974 Piero buys the current Palladino Winery and entrusts its management to his cousin Maurilio, who later became a partner. Together with his wife Domenica, Maurilio Palladino leads the company for years, inspired by a principle of fidelity to tradition and the characteristics of the territory. Today his experience is combined with the enthusiasm of the new generation: the whole family is an active part of helping him manage the winery and in the continuous search for new markets. The company is founded on three essential concepts: territory, tradition and passion. The ancient cellar has been created in a building in the center of the town, where wine and life have formed a solid combination since the late nineteenth century. The historical evidence is strong: a stone plaque, set in the external wall, shows the date of 1870 and the story of a legacy of 80 thousand lire, money that was used, it is assumed by the ancient owners, for the production of wine. The cellar is divided into three departments connected to each other to facilitate the different stages of processing, three environments where ancient and modern merge. Here too the Palladino Winery adopts a working method linked to tradition, using a technology that is never invasive and letting the wine express its characteristics to the fullest. The fermentation and processing department consists of thermo-controlled stainless steel tanks and concrete tanks that welcome the wine after the steps that begin with soft pressing. The long fermentation reflects the canons of tradition to enhance the characteristics of the blend. The refining area is equipped with large French oak and Slavonian oak barrels of different capacities. The wine then passes to the bottling phase and finds a final resting period inside the cages where the bottles are stored before being labeled. Only corks are used.

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