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The potatoes are grown according to tradition in the Vega Grandina area in Andalusia and irrigated by the pristine water of the Rio Dúrcal, which is born in the Sierra Nevada and which gives them a unique flavor. The potatoes are matured in the earth, then harvested, washed, lightly peeled and cut into slices.

The potatoes are fried in pure sunflower oil at 155 ° C. Drain dry, let cool to room temperature and salt by hand.

All the ingredients come from the same area of the Valle Del Lecrín, in the province of Granada. Pure sea salt, Agria variety potatoes and 100% sunflower oil.

The machines used for packaging are of the latest generation and guarantee the original flavor of the product without adding preservative gases.
The guarantee index is precisely the short term, just 4 months.

Patatas Nana

Like any great story, this one too begins with an encounter: that between Michele and Francesco. Michele is a Chef, Francesco a salesman. Michele is a creative, Francesco is a stubborn one. Michele has a restaurant, Francesco wants to become his supplier: Michele doesn't buy, and will never buy, anything from Francesco. But nothing happens by chance, and so, during the tireless visits to Michele's restaurant - the Bistrò Nana - Francesco discovers something that will change the lives of both: Patatas Nana. If you think this is not a discovery, try to think about the taste of potatoes. To Francesco, when tasting those prepared by Michele, he seemed to taste potatoes for the first time. That discovery brought with it a desire that the two shared: to infect everyone with so much goodness. In an age in which "adding" is an impulsive and compulsive attitude, perhaps to hide mediocrity, perhaps to try to offer something more, the ancient flavors have been forgotten, we have forgotten to know the natural color of things, we have lost the knowledge of the true and the genuine. Michele's revolution was, once the best raw material was found, adding nothing to something that was already perfect on its own. Francis' revolution was to believe in a project that goes against modern logic. The revolution that Patatas Nana wants to be is to amaze in all its simplicity, and to make amazement affordable for everyone it has been closed in a packet.

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