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Vines Minutolo ( %)

Color: Straw yellow with golden reflections.
Smell: Its freshness characteristics are substantiated in herbaceous and white-fleshed fruit with a very delicate floral background.
Taste: Right acidity, remarkable minerality / flavor all balanced by the roundness of the fruit and alcoholic component.
Food pairing: Perfect for white meats and poultry, fish and cheese.

Vineyards: Located in the municipality of Mottola, on clayey limestone soils at an altitude of 280 meters.
Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous stainless steel yeasts no clarification and filtration.
Aging: 6 months in steel, 6 months in bottle.


The history of this masseria goes through the legend according to which in the summer of 1220 San Francesco, returning from Egypt and after being hosted for a few days in Mottola, would have entertained with some faithful shortly before San Basilio, at the massaria known as Petra Cavallo. As a tangible sign of his passage, the Seraphic Father of Assisi would have left the imprint of his face imprinted on the stone used as a pillow during his stay. On the one hand Vito, a young winemaker madly in love with his own vineyard, with his land and with the desire to produce a wine as artisanal as possible, like the one that his grandfather made him taste as a child. On the other hand, his father, Peppino, a winemaker with many years of experience behind him. Thanks to his advice and suggestions, today we can drink a naturally good artisan wine. For Vito, producing natural and artisan wine means just this: producing a wine that is an expression of the territory in which it develops, treating the land and the vineyard with the utmost respect, accompanying the grapes in the various stages of its transformation from raw material to bottled drink ready to be consumed, with its own story to savor and taste. Petracavallo wines have been obtained from grapes grown in vineyards with traditional methods, not treated with pesticides, undergoing spontaneous fermentations without adding yeasts from other grapes, a low amount of sulfur dioxide and without enzymes or additives. It is more of a work philosophy of the winemaker who, according to the territory, the climate and the seasons, follows his wine thanks to the experience and craftsmanship, without additives or invasive processes. Petracavallo is located in the Apulian Murgia, here the territory has karst phenomena and limestone and clay-limestone soil, with the classic red soils derived from the dissolution of the rocks. All the grapes are owned and harvested manually in boxes. The wines want to be a total expression of the Terra delle Gravine, an area still to be discovered .. The company only a few hundred bottles that are distributed only when really ready. Given the limited availability of our production, the bottles run out in every vintage.

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