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Vines Primitivo (100 %)
Philosophy Bio Wein

Color: Intense ruby red.
Smell: With hints of cherry, black cherry and plum.
Taste: The flavor reveals its soft and enveloping soul with a light almond aftertaste.
Food pairing: Red meats, game, aged cheeses.

Allegoria (Allegory), from the Greek ALLOS other and AGOREYOS I mean, expresses in itself the joy of drinking well. Produced from grapes selected from the noble Primitivo vine of Gioia del Colle, Allegoria is an unfiltered wine of limited production.

Average production: 3500 bottles approx.
Vinification: Manual harvest in crates. Fermentation at controlled temperature 8-12 days in a rotary winemaker. Maceration on the skins in 2-3 days. Soft pressing.
Aging: Nine months in stainless steel. At least five months in the bottle.
Bottling: Under nitrogen.
Bottle: Dark Bordeaux of 600 g.


The love for their land, the passion for wine, the desire to rediscover the noble Primitivo vine of Gioia del Colle, are the ingredients from which Agricole Pietraventosa comes to life. At about 380 meters above sea level, in the rocky countryside west of Gioia del Colle, we have planted 4.4 hectares of espalier vineyards in the spurred cordon variant, for a total of 30,000 plants with a 2 x 0 planting layout, 7 meters and an average production of 30 quintals / ha. Our sapling vineyard is not far away, just under one hectare, but extremely precious. The harvest takes place manually, selecting the bunches of each plant meticulously, without haste, following the uses and customs of the traditional harvest. Our vinifications are the result of a balanced combination of technology and tradition: the use of cutting-edge equipment naturally harmonizes with the rigorous respect for the ancient winemaking memories in order to give our wine the strong and decisive character that binds it firmly to our land.

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