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Vines Pinot Grigio ( %)

Color: Straw yellow with copper highlights.
Smell: The nose is elegant with notes of peach and apricot, citrus and hazelnuts.
Taste: The palate is fresh, with excellent balance and persistent aromaticity.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish dishes, soups and vedure dishes, not very mature cheeses.

Production area: Romans d'Isonzo, Località Zuccole.
Soil: Alluvial soils formed by a gravelly underlying layer covered by reddish clays rich in iron oxides.
Climate: Mediterranean, breezy with important temperature variations between day and night.
Harvest: first ten days of September.
Breeding system: Bilateral Guyot.
Density: 4800 plants/ha.
Vinification: In white at a temperature of 12-14 °C, malolactic fermentation not carried out.
Maturation: Maturation in steel for 4 months on the fine lees.


The Puiatti Winery, a protagonist in the wine and wine world since 1967, has been able to evolve, always capturing and anticipating continuous changes, combining experience, tradition and innovation. Everything is based on a single wine-growing philosophy: respect and enhancement of the territory, that is, the indissoluble link between the environment, the grape variety, the climate and human intervention. Rigor, planning, fantasy and poetry: in summary the Puiatti style. Faithful to its principles, it offers wines made of emotions, suggestions and harmonies, the result of passionate research. Wines that are the reading of life, an interpretation of needs and desires, in the constant sign of uniqueness. A story in constant evolution, full of experiences and successes. Invention and experimentation in full harmony with the reality of the time, without compromise, with a clear and precise identity: "an original and unmistakable style that leaves its mark". The Soča area is a window open to winds of maritime and continental origin. The cold and dry bora, coming from the Balkans, alternates with the breezes that blow from the Adriatic: a continuous climatic modulation with a prevalence of fresh oriental winds mitigated by the influence of the sea. The result is a unique microclimate, which favors northern viticulture with Mediterranean hues: good solar radiation and sensitive temperature fluctuations help the slow maturation of the vine, which gives solid and balanced grapes, rich in flavors and aromas. The stones and the gravel of the river confer the characteristic flavor to the grapes produced in these areas. The richness of minerals confers freshness, elegance and the purity of the fruit.

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