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Vines Friulano (100 %)

Color: Bright golden yellow with amber reflections.
Smell: The nose is intense, rich and complex with notes of ripe yellow and exotic fruit, accompanied by notes of almond typical of the Friuli region, touches of spices and ethereal hints in pure oxidative style.
Taste: Original and unconventional macerated white wine. A splendid portrait of a former tokaj (hence the name) from Collio, one of the fathers of Italian natural wine. Material and deep, powerful and with an impressive texture, with lively tannins and rich in flavor and freshness. As much gastronomic as it is for meditation.
Food pairing: Perfect for main courses based on fish and shellfish, white meats, aged and blue cheeses, vegetarian dishes, eggs and savory pies.

Soil: Ponka, a type of clay which in the deepest states has the compactness of a rock, but which flakes as soon as it comes into contact with some corrosion agent (air, water ..).
Extension of the vineyard: 1.4 ha.
Type of plant: Single and double Guyot.
Vines density per hectare: 8,000.
Average age of the vineyard: 30 years.
Average production per hectare: 35 hl.
Vinification and aging: Destemming, spontaneous fermentation and maceration for 3/4 months in conical oak vats with 3/4 manual punching down to the end of fermentation. Racking and aging in oak barrels from 25 to 35 hl for 40 months with some rackings if necessary.
Bottles produced: 6,000.


The Radikon family lives in Oslavia, always in the same house. After replanting the vineyards and rebuilding the buildings destroyed during the First World War, Edoardo Radikon reconstituted the company in 1948, dedicating himself not only to agriculture but also to livestock. In the early Eighties it was passed down to his son, Stanko, who focused on wine, even starting to bottle for sale. Since 2016 the company has been run by Saša, Suzana, Ivana, Savina and Luisa. The soils are worked, today as yesterday, in full respect and love for nature: the mown grass, the shoots and the marc are the only fertilizers for this mineral soil, the ponka, rocky in depth and flaky on the surface, and the treatments , only based on copper, sulfur and propolis, are reduced to what is strictly necessary. The harvest, manual in boxes, takes place only when the leaves turn yellow and the seeds inside the berries are ripe. The de-stemmed grapes ferments spontaneously in contact with the skins and after a variable period of maceration, they are aged in large barrels and then aged in the bottle. All this takes place by pursuing a complete idea of ​​respect for nature and for people, who can drink it after about 6 years of harvesting. Each wine tells the story of the Radikon family, their territory, the past vintage and the evolution of the company, always striving for constant improvement.

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