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Vines Nebbiolo ( %)

Ratti Renato

Renato Ratti comes to wine without any family tradition. In fact, free from ancestral ties, he was able to experience Barolo without any kind of conditioning. Renato Ratti: In 1965 I made my first vinification in purity: the first, for Barolo in general, absolutely not by chance or by necessity, but meditated and finalized, for a precise distinction, for a new course. In that year, starting the winemaking directly in person, after having known various Italian and European wine-growing areas, after having turned the Barolo area far and wide, I began to catch the differences, the qualitative possibilities of each sub-area, the distinguishing characteristics, the possible enhancements of these characteristics if considered in their single state. In 1975, technical confirmation came from analyzes of the diversity of identifiable soils, also chemically different from one another in composition and structure. In 1968, having to market the Barolo of 1964 specifically a large vintage, and wanting to highlight it in the general context, (which, with exceptions, identified only age as an element of prominence in Barolo) I developed the classification of the various harvests, the result of checks of archives and with the supervision of Stefano Genesio, of La Morra. In 1976 the technical confirmation of the influence of rainfall on the variability of the vintages came from my research on a span of twenty-four vintages In 1980 both concepts (possibility of identifying the sub-area and compulsory to indicate the vintage) were incorporated into the Barolo DOCG production specification. In 1971, with Massimo Martinelli, nephew and oenologist and associated with me in the Cellar business, the wine-making, maturation, bottling and aging technique was developed and started for 1965, for a refined elegance, finesse and longevity of Barolo Marcenasco . The uniqueness of origin from a given sub-area and the delimitation of the same, the classification of the characteristics of the different vintages, the refinement in the bottle to grant and maintain the wine distinction, softness, elegance, long life, are three moments lived in first person, are three concepts that I consider new style.

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