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Typically, nougat was the traditional Piedmontese dessert, an unmissable guest on the tables of every family in the Langhe in moments of celebration, such as the Christmas period.
This is the version of crumbly nougat with Sicilian Almonds.


The history of the company began in 1994, with the dream of making unique the products of a very fortunate land, the Langhe, and making them known to the whole world. Today, this dream is a reality. Relanghe is a Piedmontese company of traditional, artisanal and small-sized confectionery production: practically a shop. A shop founded in 1994, which today knows how to respond to the needs of the market without compromising on the quality of the raw material with which it operates: the Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P. The mission is to bring to the fore this typical fruit of the Langhe, as good as it is precious and sought after, through traditional sweets such as nougat, sweet truffles and dragées, in full respect of the production chain. Hazelnut groves were purchased in the best production areas (for a total area of ​​about 80 ha) and the hazelnut is followed throughout its journey from the land to the finished product, to ensure maximum taste and the right respect for nature. In fact, the intent is also to create a sustainable supply chain and have total control of the raw material, to ensure the best possible quality and a refined and unmistakable taste. In addition, close collaboration relationships have been established with the "corilicoltori" (hazelnut growers) of the most renowned hills for the production of Piedmont hazelnuts I.G.P. in the villages of Alba, Albaretto Torre, Sinio and Somano. The company's hazelnut groves are now carried out in organic farming, to protect the soil and to guarantee the quality of the raw material. An advantage for everyone, including nature. All Relanghe desserts are gluten-free.

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