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Vines Chardonnay ( %)
Bubbles Blanc de Blancs

Color: Straw yellow with golden reflections, fine and persistent perlage.
Smell: Elegant and intense aromas of white-fleshed fruit such as apple and peach, then delicate notes of bread-making and pastry.
Taste: On the palate it is well structured, enveloping and creamy; right balance between freshness and flavor, good minerality and persistence.
Food pairing: Ideal for appetizers, appetizers and dishes based on fish and shellfish, but also cold cuts, delicate white meats and medium-aged cheeses.

Production areas: Mareuil sur Aÿ, Tauxieres and Aÿ.
Vinification: in steel tanks and barriques. The reserve wines are aged in oak barrels.

Roger Pouillon & Fils

In 1947, Roger Pouillon, at the time winemaker at a champenois shopkeeper, decided to vinify and elaborate a Champagne fruit of some macaws of vineyards that he owns in the municipality of Mutigny. After several years of working in the vineyards, he discovered the art of winemaking and oenology helped by Louis Baulant, uncle of his wife Bernadette, renowned oenologist and founder of the famous oenology laboratory that bears his name. Over the years, Roger is passionate about Champagne and chooses to concretize his passion by creating his own brand to market his wines. Thus Roger Pouillon Champagne was born. The years pass and the production of bottles increases every year. In 1964, James (the only son of Roger and Bernadette) in addition to working in the company with his parents, developed the knowledge of the trade in other structures. In 1965 he was joined by his wife Josette, originally from Mesnil sur Oger (Côte des Blancs). Roger and James, having their own press, do not intend to work with the cooperatives, being "Récoltant Manipulant" (R.M.), they masterfully follow each processing phase, from the plant to the bottle. In 1967, the almost 1 hectare vineyard spreads over 3 municipalities: Mutigny, Mareuil sur Aÿ and Tauxières. Two other owners of vineyards, given the quality of the work in the vineyard, entrust him with confidence 30 ares of vineyard for rent. In the cellar there are 7,000 bottles. A loyal private clientele allows the vineyard to grow in ownership or rent. In 1987 it represents 5 hectares and extends to the Côte des Blancs, allowing the cultivation of Chardonnay grapes classified as Grand Cru (almost 2 hectares). From a commercial point of view, the two couples develop sales in France, a friendly relationship is established with private customers. The bottles mature in the cellar, reaching 50,000 units. In late 1993, Roger brutally leaves his loved ones and his vineyard. Bernadette joined him in 1995. Respecting their memory, it was necessary to continue working the vineyards and spreading the Champagnes Pouillon. Since 1947 everything has evolved very much, thanks to the expansion of the company and progress: the cultivation methods, the treatments against vine diseases, the material, the wine-making techniques and the sparkling wine, the infrastructures, the staff. This spectacular economic development of the last 40 years, briefly and simply summarized, allows us to imagine all human feelings or emotions, moving from ambition to anguish, from the euphoria of excellent vintages to the stress of the years of hailstorms or frost, of crazy years of Champagne to the economic crisis of the 90s. In 1998, anxious to perpetuate this family business, Fabrice, the youngest of the children, installed himself alongside his parents. After studying viticulture, oenology and commerce, he follows in the footsteps of Roger and James, hoping to bring a stone to the building later when it is his turn. James, a young winemaker, had evolved his father's habits by discovering, for example, the enamelled tanks instead of the old barrels, the hydraulic tractor in aid of the horses with the cart, the giropalettes in addition to the pupitres .. the technical progress was revolutionary in the practice and spirit. Fabrice, in turn, brings new ideas. He works with environmentally friendly cultivation practices, in his vineyards he practices artisan and reasoned viticulture. At the hour of lasting development James and Fabrice want to be pioneers in the wine world. As for commercial activity, they diversify allowing the export of Champagnes Pouillon abroad (United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia and England). Exports today represent 30% of sales reaching 85,000 bottles per year. We hope that Louis, Paul and Pierre-Marie will bring a new stone to this beautiful creation when their turn comes.

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