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Vines Zibibbo ( %)

Color: Amber yellow with orange reflections.
Smell: The nose is intense and rich in aromatic notes, peaches in syrup, citrus notes and candied citrus on a background of aromatic herbs.
Palate: On the palate it is intense and powerful, enveloping, warm and soft with long aromatic persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for traditional Sicilian desserts such as cannoli and cassata, but also for almond paste, spoon and cream desserts, panettone and chocolate.

The vineyards of Zibibbo are cultivated on the rocky terraces of Pantelleria. Due to the nature of the soil and climate of this island, the center of the Mediterranean, the vines grown with a low sapling, produce a few bunches of grapes, which is harvested in late August, left to dry in the sun for 30 days.
The grapes are then squeezed and the must, rich in sugars and perfumes, is fermented to create a wine that offers pleasant sensations.
The fruit of many sensations is due to the particular nature of Pantelleria and the link to the ancient heroic traditions.

Vinification: The zibibbo grapes, from which this passito is obtained, come from several vineyards scattered on the island. Once selected, the bunches are left to dry on "stinnitura" (laying), for 12-18 days based on the weather, and patiently turned by hand. The grapes are then crushed and the must, rich in sugars, fermented at a temperature of 25-28 ° C. Subsequently, the wine ages for about 8-10 months in steel tanks.

Salvatore Murana

Salvatore Murana has always had a passion for wine, since childhood he has breathed, seen, experienced the harvest and vinification. This "infantile love" became intuitively first and consciously then "life choice". Thus was born in the 70s the first nucleus of what would later become the Salvatore Murana Vini farm. For six generations "Panteschi" winemakers, the company has dedicated itself body and soul, first to the cultivation of the Zibibbo grape and then to its wine production. The fundamental principle of the family-run company is to assimilate the culture of respect for its territory and sensitivity to dialogue with nature, carrying out a balanced combination of our peasant traditions and innovative wine making skills. The centuries-old vineyards of Salvatore Murana currently extend over about 17 hectares of land, of very young volcanic origin, in different locations of the island for climatic and geological conditions: Martingana, Gadir, Mueggen, Khamma, Coste, Ghirlanda and Barone. Specific soils with peculiar characteristics for specific productions, united by the personality and character of the producer himself. Only in this way is it possible for us to create the largest "sweet warm wine" in the world. Warm wines must be able to tell the story to those who drink them, to be long-lived, without being cloying, making those who drink them light up a smile anywhere in the world. This is what we have proposed to do for 40 years to date with our 10 diversified proposals that faithfully reflect the ideas and choices of their "author" in complete symbiosis with the territory. Respect for the environment and its integrity guide all our actions, the production chain, in fact, is carried out entirely in Pantelleria, the bottles, the cartons, the caps breathe only "our air" seasoned by the sea and the zibibbo ; so that everyone, by opening one of our bottles, can be catapulted onto our island and understand the love and respect we bring them. Each product brings to mind unique experiences, capable of making us relive feelings of pure joy, typical of children.

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