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Vines Fiano ( %)

Color: Bright straw yellow with greenish reflections.
Smell: Fragrant, delicately fruity bouquet with light notes of tropical fruits.
Taste: Fresh, harmonious with a delicately fruity finish.
Food pairing: Ideal to accompany raw fish appetizers, first courses based on fish and vegetables.

Vinification: The must is brought to a temperature of 10 °C and macerated in contact with the skins for a few hours. After a soft pressing, the must is left to ferment slowly at a controlled temperature of 10 ° C in stainless steel tanks.


Sanchirico is the name of the ancient farmhouse which stands in the center of a 120 ha estate, surrounded by vineyards, in the heart of one of the most suitable wine-growing areas in the Mediterranean. In Sanchirico the protagonist is the Negroamaro, to which 40 hectares of espalier vineyards are dedicated, alongside which are white grape varieties and international varieties. In this place meet the tradition linked to a long history of wine grape production, always made with the utmost attention to quality and innovation, and the new technology applied both to agricultural production, with the use of modern machinery for the management and harvesting of the grapes, both the processing of the grapes, all of which come from the company. The new production cellar is built inside the farm, renovating an old building characterized by functionality and modernity, inside which stainless steel tanks and winemakers are placed. The whole production structure responds to the most modern characteristics both in terms of process and materials used. The production process takes place with the utmost attention to respect for the characteristics of the grapes (soft pressing and pressing of small quantities) and with total control of the temperature (both cold, through a central refrigeration unit, and hot, through a boiler).

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