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Vines Moscato ( %)
Bubbles , Sans Année

Color: Light golden

Smell: Characteristic aroma intensely aromatic for this fresh and elegant wine thanks to the fine perlage

Taste: Fresh and light, delicate and characteristic

Food pairings: Asti is synonymous with party, therefore suitable with sweets of all kinds, but for its particular characteristics, make it pleasant even for a sweet break during the day

Sant' Orsola

You cannot retrace the history of the company without joining the Martini family, in the Martini house where this great oenological adventure was first cradled as a dream, then materialized with courage and effort and finally hovered high thanks to ambition and great capacity. Three generations of martinis, united by the tireless passion for wine, are the engine of current success. Second, the founder, flanked by the very strong Laura, Gianni, current president, soul of the company since the 70s and Eleonora, a young lifeblood that is enthusiastically reshaping the image and the relationship with the territory. Three visions and three different approaches united by the love of enology and great successes. The most precious patrimony of Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa is constituted by the philosophy that guides the company based on three cornerstones: the bond of deep respect with the territory, the trust in people who thanks to their work make the company prosper and sacredness some wine. The territory is the starting point, it is the source of prosperity. Without him, nothing would be possible. The land is good-natured, offers without asking and, if treated in the correct way, gives great gifts. For this reason, the environment has a crucial value for Fratelli Martini, sustainability, minimal impact and a respectful approach to viticulture are essential values. People are the real engine of the company. Far from being mere gears, each Fratelli Martini collaborator is part of the family, is valued and pushed to express himself, to build a more prosperous future together. However, nothing would make sense without the great protagonist, the wine. Creator of worlds, he is revered and everything originates so that he can cheer the tables of the whole globe in the highest quality and with the maximum satisfaction of all the senses. In order to fulfill this important fundamental task, it is the accessibility that accompanies the quality of the products, a legacy of the Langa mentality. Wine is a masterpiece, as the most genuine Piedmontese farmers say, and it makes no sense without an audience. For this reason, right from the start, the great quality of Casa Sant’Orsola, Canti or other brands has always been accompanied by price accessibility, to allow everyone a top level wine experience.

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