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Vines (20 %), Negroamaro (80 %)

Color: Ruby red with garnet reflections.
Smell: The nose is rich with notes of small ripe red and black fruits, notes of sweet spices.
Taste: In the mouth it gently wraps, with fine tannins and well balanced structure with good persistence,
Food pairing: Perfect for traditional first courses, roasted meats and gravy, medium-aged cheeses.

Average age of the vines: About 50 years.
Breeding system: Apulian sapling.
Plants per hectare: 4500.
Yield per plant: 1.8 kg.
Harvest: Manual.
Maturation and aging: 8 months in French oak tonneaux, medium toasted; then 6 months of further refinement in the bottle.

Schola Sarmenti

The Schola Sarmenti winery was founded in 1999 in Nardò (LE), where the Marra and Calabrese families decide to join together to produce great wines from native vines, a project in which they strongly believe. The work of the company finds its maximum expression in the Apulian Alberello breeding technique. Some of the owned vineyards were planted by grandparents, thus leaving specimens over 85 years old today. The vineyards are grown a few steps from the sea, with old systems, respecting the land and the rhythms of nature, avoiding the use of synthetic products and in harmony with the surrounding area. The work in the vineyard, carried out as it once was (manual harvest only of carefully selected bunches) is supported by the work done in a state-of-the-art cellar with very modern techniques blended with tradition. The company is located in the city of Nardò, the highest expression of the Salento Baroque; on the ground there is the wine bar / restaurant where it is possible to taste the company's wines right in the middle of the barrels. Going down to the basement there is a maze of tunnels dug into the tuff (perfect material for retaining and controlling humidity and temperature) where the company's reserves and barrels rest. Schola Sarmenti is a reality that will amaze and conquer with the personality of its precise wines, a mirror of the territory and the Salento wine tradition.

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