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Color: ruby red

Smell: Nose in which the fruity notes of blackberry and undergrowth are accompanied by sensations of myrtle and light spiciness.

Taste: For a mouth with a fresh and dynamic sip, punctuated by a compelling tannin and an extraordinary acidity that accompanies and supports the long, fleshy and savory finish

Food matches: red meats, grilled meats, but excellent to taste with salami and fine cheeses.

Mustazzo is a Cannonau with a barbaric pedigree cultivated by ancient hands and respectfully vinified by the winemakers of the Sella & Mosca family. It was born and grew in central Sardinia where, at altitudes above 600 meters, the strong temperature variations preserve a rich fruity and tannic component and the centenary vineyards give a few hectoliters per hectare.

Sella e Mosca

Sella & Mosca is an explosion of nature. Born in Alghero, an enchanted corner of Sardinia, at the hands of the two enterprising Piedmontese who give her name: the engineer Sella and the lawyer Mosca. It was 1899 and that undertaking still sounds pioneering, unique and exemplary. Imposing works were needed to transform those vast and uncultivated holdings into a nursery business first and then to a wine-growing enterprise: thousands of boulders were removed and the wild scrub tamed to make room for the vineyards. Finally, the construction of an avant-garde cellar. A cyclopean work, remembered by different sandstone stones that give uniqueness to the landscape. Still today the innovative spirit and the tension to best express the characters of the Sardinian terroir characterize this enterprise, which with great consistency continues the work of its founders. Sella & Mosca is the maximum possible expression of a sunny, strong land, capable of forging wines of character, current but respectful of their history. AN EXPLOSION OF NATURE. A STORY THAT BECOMES WINE Sardinia, starting from Alghero Kissed by the sun and embraced by the winds, Sardinia has always been a land suited to viticulture. Sella & Mosca is a kaleidoscope of perfumes, colors and flavors swinging between past and future. On the island, Sella & Mossa has selected some of the most prestigious areas. I Piani, north of Alghero, represents the most consistent part. This property extends for 650 hectares, in a sunny plain and caressed by the mistral wind, immersed in an incredible botanical park surrounded by over 520 hectares of vineyards. A place that cannot be confused with anyone else, underpinned by oleanders, maritime pines, palms and eucalyptus trees. To these lands are added the small plots of Gallura, in the north-eastern part of the island (15 hectares) and Giba, in the Sulcis, on the south-western coast, between Capo Teulada and the Iglesiente mountain range (6 hectares). The terroir is different for each site and characterized by unique environmental elements: a soil rich in mineral moods and stingy with water, where the air is clear and the climate as hot as windy. Despite their geological unity, the estates present a great variety of soils: clayey, sandy, limestone, volcanic. In each microarea, the various vines give different answers, allowing an exceptional plurality of characteristics. Mediterranean character In Sella & Mosca wines it is easy to find the natural characters of the context in which they are born: the sun, the wind, the sea, the generous and strong soils, the maquis and its thousand scents. Regardless of the varieties and territorial folds, their Mediterranean character clearly emerges, as well as the ability to maintain the virtues of tradition through new ideas. Energy and elegance, strength and finesse, warmth and freshness. Each wine seeks the virtuous balance between the exuberance that the fruits of nature bring as a dowry and the know-how of those who model them. An inseparable union, the only one capable of forging an absolute dimension that respects space and goes beyond time.

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