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Vines Montepulciano ( %), Negroamaro ( %)

Color: Ruby red tending to garnet.

Smell: The scents are varied and intense, such as licorice, raspberry and balms

Taste: In the mouth, firm and fresh, with elegant and true tannins, and a lot of flavor that refreshes a fairytale finish.

Food pairings: It matches with most of the flavors of the meats, pasta flavored with very tasty sauces and grilled meats.

Drinking together was one of the most important social forms in the world of Ancient Greece. The sympathetic or symposial aggregation was aimed at a specific celebration of particular occasions: the convivial poems or poems were intended to be recited at the final moment of the banquet, which represented a collective gratification generating device. Most forms of entertainment stemmed from drinking itself following the ethics of the drinking moderation symposium. An inscription on a 5th century BC drinking cup thus invited the defendants: "Be happy and drink well." The sympathetic poetry increased the pleasures of the banquet and the diners drank according to the prescriptions of the symposiarch, who decided to pour the wine in the right doses and according to the importance of the guest: to honor the table it was necessary to drink with measure and then weave intellectual conversations .

Production area: the grapes come from the vineyards of the Copertino countryside
Training system: classic Apulian sapling and spurred cordon
Soil: various composition clays placed above the hard or tufaceous limestone, of medium fertility in the flat area: from 30 to
60 m a.s.l.

Harvest: careful selection of the bunches in the vineyard in order to make the most of all the quality expressions of the

Vineyard location: the grapes come from the vineyards of the Copertino countryside.
Aging: in oak barrels for at least 24 months, 12 months of aging in bottle before marketing.

Severino Garofano

A family passion It is in Copertino, in the heart of Salento, that Severino Garofano founded a cellar for the production of quality wines. Half a century of experience and commitment to the land have become the means to improve the autochthonous grape varieties, respecting nature and tradition. Our philosophy, in fact, is based on a deep respect for tradition, translated into a modern approach, thanks to the dynamism of the new generations involved in the production of wine, and attention to the land, which allows us to produce superior quality wines . Today, Azienda Monaci is the result of a huge transformation process, thanks to significant investments and the introduction of modern technologies that allow us to control the natural evolution of our products. Among these, Negroamaro is the most privileged grape variety. It produces different ranges of wines, from lively rosé wines to reds, full of character, all pride of the quality wines of Salento.

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