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Vines Cabernet Franc ( %)

Color: Ruby red.
Smell: The nose expresses elegant notes of berries and pruge jam, notes of violet, spicy hints of cinnamon and graphite minerals.
Taste: On the palate it is full-bodied, with great balance, fresh and concentrated, with powerful tannins and excellent persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for dishes based on fine red meats, game, traditional and mushroom dishes, aged cheeses.

Vintage 2017: It is a very difficult year for all of Italy. Winter did not see the rains, spring brought frost in the valley after a long time and in summer temperatures reached peaks of 40 degrees for 3 months in a row, with little refreshment during the night, transforming the Val d'Orcia in a Saharan oven.
During the harvest the grapes were small, all skins and seeds, without juice. The resulting wines are black ink, dense, dark and concentrated, with an unexpected green note.
The vines were blocked by water stress, giving rise to this strange combination of green and mature at the same time.

Vineyard age: 25 years.
Harvest: October 6th.
Soil: Earth over two meters deep, with coarse crushed limestone rock.
Plants per hectare: 10,000.
Surface: 0.8 ha.
Altitude: 500 m a.s.l.
Yield: 25 quintals/ha.
Fertilization: Sheep manure.
Treatments: Clay, propolis, grapefruit seed extract.
Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation for 12 days in steel tanks.
Aging: 8 months in new French oak barriques and 11 months in cement tanks.
Bottling: Waning moon in May 2019.
Production: 1,600 bottles.

Tenuta di Trinoro

Located in a remote corner of southern Tuscany, Tenuta di Trinoro is known for its rich and complex red aging wines based on Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. The company's 200 hectares are located in an area without a winemaking tradition, at the beginning of the Val d’Orcia, near Sarteano, where Tuscany merges with Umbria and Lazio. The producer and owner, Andrea Franchetti, purchased the property in the 1980s and began planting in the early 1990s. His training as a winemaker began in Bordeaux where he learned the importance of terroir. In Trinoro he discovers he has clay-limestone and gravelly soils very similar to those of the St. Emilion area. However, only a few lands prove suitable for viticulture and these are recovered from the bush and planted in the Bordeaux style: high plant density, sixth of a meter by one meter, with graft of scions from old Pomerol properties. The high density of the plant, the drastic thinning of the bunches, the low yields, the full phenolic maturation and the concentration of the wines give rise to a unique and unmistakable style. The wines are extreme in perfume, color and flavor, enjoyable immediately but conceived for a long aging. Located at the foot of Monte Cetona, Tenuta di Trinoro has a large variety of different soils. The vines, planted dense next to each other, are now more than twenty years old and with their root systems well rooted in the earth they manage to make the particular flavor of the soil on which they grow in the bunch. The vineyards extend for 22 hectares on plains and slopes facing south and at heights ranging between 450 and 600 meters. The plants are mainly cabernet franc and merlot, with cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot present to a lesser extent. Here is a video of our vineyards in Trinoro seen from above: from the highest vineyard to our Magnacosta field.

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