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Vines Chardonnay ( %)

Color: Pale straw yellow, furrowed by delicate greenish shades.
Smell: Delicate and enveloping aromas of fruit and flowers, which are expressed in clear hints of mango, banana, yellow flesh peach, white plum, grapefruit, orange blossom and broom flowers.
Taste: Soft, perfectly balanced and persistent, it is sapid and mineral, with a lush component of acidity which makes it remarkably lively and pleasant.
Food pairings: Warm seafood salad, boiled scampi with citrus zest, rice potatoes and mussels, noodles with shrimp and asparagus and spaghetti with clams and sea truffles. Delicious with grilled swordfish rolls, baked sea bass and sage and thyme chicken.

Marmorelle bianco presents a fresh and decisive drink: it represents 360 degrees of Salento and its characteristics. In this wine, Chardonnay is mitigated by the fresh notes of white Malvasia, thus creating an elegant and balanced wine.

Tenute Rubino

Tenute Rubino is a project born in the mid-80s from an idea by Tommaso Rubino, a convinced supporter of the potential of Salento. Through a long series of acquisitions, it has created an important production base divided over four estates that extend over 275 hectares of vineyards distributed in four different areas, from the Adriatic ridge to the Brindisi hinterland and constitute a miniature continent: from the same grape variety Implanted in different locations, wines with profoundly different characteristics are generated. The rediscovery of the Apulian native vines is the fundamental guideline of the company's production. Innovation and tradition are the two pillars on which this philosophy is based. Innovation that is expressed in modern style wines, but with a firm attention to tradition, represented by vines and people. To realize the project in 1999 was his son Luigi who together with Romina Leopardi created the Tenute Rubino brand. The headquarters are in Brindisi, where the inauguration of a modern winemaking and aging cellar was the first of a series of innovations that have followed over the years, involving both production processes and business organization. Tenute Rubino is now a reality of 1,200,000 bottles / year with a brand known all over the world, over 70% of the turnover is made on foreign markets, a symbol of the new image of Salento oenology.

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