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Vines Nero di Troia ( %)

Color: Intense ruby red with violet reflections.
Smell: The nose is fine and rich with notes of raspberries and blueberries, spicy hints.
Taste: The palate is intense with a full and velvety taste, full-bodied with fine tannins, balanced and fresh with good persistence.
Food pairing: Perfect for red meats, game, traditional first courses, cold cuts and cheeses that are not very mature.

Altitude: 480 m. s.l.m.
Soil: Rocky limestone.
Breeding system: Guyot espalier.
Plants/ha: 3,500.
Grape yield 60
Harvest period: Second and third ten days of October.
Vinification: Fermentation with long maceration.
Aging: 18 months in wood (barrel and barrique) then in cement tanks and in bottles.


The history of the Torrevento Estate begins in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park, the first countryside park in Italy, a land where the inseparable relationship between man and nature dominates, where human activities and environment blend in perfect fusion with tradition. Here, in 1400, in the “Torre del Vento” (Tower of the Wind) district, a Benedictine monastery was constructed entirely of stone. Torre del Vento is a name that will mark our history, a history that starts in 1913, when Francesco Liantonio (grandfather of the namesake Francesco, current President of the firm Torrenvento Ltd.) just barely 16 years of age, decided to board the ship “Hamburg”, bound for New York, in search of fortune. In 1923, ten years after his arrival in America, Francesco Liantonio makes his fortune, thanks to an ice factory and, with the proceeds of that hard work, returns to his beloved Apulia, where, in the town of Palo del Colle (Pole on the Hill), he realizes his dream: the production and trade of extra virgin olive oil and winemaking. In 1948, the Liantonio family acquires, in the "Torrevento" district, right at the foot of the famous Castel del Monte, the old Benedictine monastery with the surrounding 57 hectares of vineyard. Two years later, Gaetano Liantonio inherits the estate, renovates it and continues the production activity by creating a rustic wine cellar called Vinicola Torrevento (Torrevento Winery), which in 1989, together with Francesco Liantonio (current President and CEO) grows into a business enterprise - Torrevento srl (Torrevento Ltd.). Today, the bucolic character of the wine production is still the strength of our company. In a rugged and stony territory, we take advantage of the indigenous grape varieties best suited for expressing the winemaking vocation of the whole Apulian region. Our wine, aged, in precious oak barrels and small oak casks, according to the ancient local winemaking traditions alongside the most modern vinification techniques, are preserved in large cellars dug into the rock of the Benedictine monastery. The companyis located in the wildest and most rugged part of Apulia. Limestone rocks comprise the Murge plateau, whose name stems from the Latin word Murex, meaning a sharp stone. Humps and karst depressions alternate with stretches of level land, where the stony ground, rendered arable by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of man have made the Apulian food products what they are today – unique and special in taste and quality. Our company is located in the northernmost part of the Murgia, in the territories of the Apulian DOC area, that takes its name from the magnificent Frederick II manor "Castel del Monte." An untamed territory, with a typically Mediterranean climate, where hot, dry summers alternate with long, cold winters often accompanied by snowfall in the northern part. The rains, very rare in summer, fall abundantly in late autumn. In this northerly land, we cultivate the best local grape varieties: Nero di Troia, Bombino Nero, Bombino Bianco, Moscato Reale, Pampanuto and Aglianico to obtain wines of full bouquet, with an aroma of spices, and a full-bodied taste.

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