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Vines Sangiovese (100 %)

The wooden box is composed of three extraordinary expressions of Brunello di Montalcino DOCG obtained from three different Crus of the Val di Suga company:

  • Cru Poggio al Granchio 2013: It is a narrow valley on the south-east ridge of Montalcino that descends towards Sant’Antimo, which is subject to the strong influence of Monte Amiata. This area of ​​Montalcino is characterized by very rich soils in galestro, particularly precious for Brunello where Sangiovese is raised between 400 and 450 m a.s.l.
    Vinification: Pre-fermentation maceration at low temperature (5-6 °C); the fermentation takes place with a particular control of temperatures (not over 27 °C), of the techniques of pumping over and délestage in order to enhance the fruity and mineral component of the wine.
    Aging: After a first passage in 300 lt. French oak barrels, it takes place in 50-60 hl. Barrels, for a total period of 24 months. 6 months in concrete vats and 18 in bottle.
    Tasting: Intense ruby ​​red with purple notes. On the nose it is a real explosion of fresh fruit with flavors of cherry in spirit, currant, blackberry and myrtle. In the mouth it has this unmistakable subtle entrance with silky, very long tannins. It has a sapid and mineral finish that only this area is able to offer to Sangiovese.

  • Cru Vigna del Lago 2013: The north side of Montalcino was once not so vineyard, but dedicated to the cultivation of cereals, olive trees and cherry trees. In this area, which is affected by the Apennine influence, the seasons are clearer, of a continental type and the north wind lowers the temperature by many degrees in winter. From a pedological point of view, the north side consists mainly of clayey marls of Pliocene origin, which alternate in some cases with marl-clayey soils and alberese masses. This climate and the origin of the soils make this area of ​​Montalcino the last to be harvested.
    Vinification: Traditional fermentation, as was once done in Montalcino (with temperatures, in the final part, even of 30 °C for several days). Once fermentation is complete, the marcs remain to macerate on the wine for a period of 15-30 days in order to obtain a natural softening and lightness of the tannic part.
    Aging: In 30 hl oval barrels for a period of 24 months. 6 months in concrete vats and 18 in bottle.
    Tasting: Light garnet with very bright ruby-orange reflections. It is the Brunello of the past. An elegant, subtle, soft wine with a large volume but unmistakable lightness. The tannins are velvety. On the nose, notes of fresh cherry, violet and candied fruit prevail.

  • Cru Vigna Spuntali 2013: The Vigna Spuntali is historically known as the best area on the south-west side of Montalcino, the side facing the sea. Spuntali represents a historical cru for Brunello di Montalcino; is characterized by a unique terroir, thanks to which over the years it has become a historic and well-recognizable icon of Brunello. The Spuntali side is the sunniest and driest of the three Brunello slopes; it is characterized by a Mediterranean climate due to its proximity to the sea, less than 40 km away.
    Vinification: Ferments in concrete tanks for about 20 days at a temperature of about 25/30 °C.
    Aging: Maturation for 24 months in 300 liter French oak barrels, then aging in the bottle for at least 24 months.
    Tasting: Strong garnet with ruby ​​reflections, opens to the warm, intense and refined nose. Great explosion of ripe fruit with notes of black cherry, figs, candied fruit and in particular orange. In the mouth it is characterized by sweet and soft tannins that accompany a long finish, rich in notes of plum and blackberry.

Val di Suga

The Val di Suga winery is located to the north - east of the Municipality of Montalcino; the building, embraced by a long line of cypresses, seems to welcome those coming from Siena to Montalcino. Much of the structure is part of the original complex, all restored and organized to best accommodate the wines during their aging. An imposing underground barrel cellar was built between 2000 and 2001. Today the cellar has a functional winemaking area that houses the 100 and 150Hl stainless steel tanks and the original 80 and 200 hl concrete tanks, which have been restored on the outside and vitrified internally, but all preserved in the awareness of re-appropriating a fundamental value and tradition. The part dedicated to aging in wood, on the other hand, winds through a path made up of adjoining rooms, but separated by sectors. Here they find different woods that have been identified to enhance the different characteristics of the crus during their elevation. The original circular Slavonian oak barrels of 50 and 60 hl mainly host the vintage Brunello. The 60 hl truncated cone-shaped vats are used for the refinement of Poggio al Granchio, after a short passage in barrique The 52 hl oval barrels are used for the refinement of Vigna del Lago, while the 300 lt French barriques are intended for to the maturation of Vigna Spuntali. Today the company philosophy and every daily activity are aimed at highlighting the differences, placing the utmost attention on wines and their indissoluble link with the territory. Bringing out the differences is a need that arises from the very nature of the vine. Sangiovese is a sensitive and reactive vine, to any soil, exposure. It expresses itself differently depending on the terroir, giving rise to original and heterogeneous interpretations that also vary depending on the vintage. The Brunello Val di Suga is instead a blend of these three vineyards: a Brunello that aspires to the perfect balance between the characteristics of the three terroirs. A wine with a traditional, austere and elegant style.

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