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Vines Nero di Troia ( %)
Philosophy Bio Wein

Color: Salmon pink.
Smell: On the nose a range of scents that are reminiscent of red fruit, with a strong note of raspberry and cherry.
Taste: In the mouth it is light, round and fresh in body.
Food pairing: Appetizers in general, fish soups, white meats, cold cuts and cheeses. Rosa terra is the result of careful biodynamic agriculture practiced by Valentina Passalacuqa.

Valentina Passalacqua

Valentina Passalacqua's wines are born with her first daughter, Giulia. With her birth Valentina felt the need to revolutionize her comfortable life and to return to the dimension of when she was a child, made of simplicity and authenticity ... A love that comes from heaven and the light of the earth. He cultivates 80 hectares of vineyards, from traditional varieties, on the Gargano, in northern Puglia, on a limestone soil of white stone, of Kimmeridgian origin, illuminated by a unique light, which uniquely characterizes the acute and salty expression of its wines . Vinifies all the grapes according to the natural method, enhancing the Mediterranean vocation of the climate, combined with the millennial history of its places. The company focuses on biodynamic agriculture, for a truly spontaneous local wine. A natural evolution of tradition, an authentic expression of the territory, a guarantee of work and rigorous respect for the vineyard. For this reason, only compounds that support the life of soil microorganisms are used, with a harvest that is carried out strictly by hand and a natural vinification, without filtration or clarification. A choice that allows you to raise the vineyard with transparency and passion, in full expressive freedom.

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