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Vines Malvasia ( %)

Color: golden with shades of yellow.

Smell: The nose is intense, aromatic and fruity.

Taste: On the palate it is striking for its fresh liveliness and its balance. It is structured, harmonious and persistent with a delicate flavor.

Food pairing: Excellent for fish, shellfish and cheese dishes.

PRODUCTION: 24 hours of maceration, soft pressing, fermentation at controlled temperature of 14 ° C. Aging in steel.


The Varvaglione wine company has been working in the wine sector since 1921, for three generations, and is one of the emerging realities in the Apulian wine scene. In this historic company located in Leporano, in the province of Taranto, within the territory known as Salento, experience and tradition have found full synergy over time through the use of the most advanced winemaking technology and great attention to market needs. Over time, in fact, the technologies used for the production of wines have harmoniously reconciled with the ancient wine traditions of the Salento area. Varvaglione 1921 is a continuously evolving winery, which in the past has opened to the public with the sale of bulk wine. Today, the Varvaglione 1921 brand is recognized in the national and international market and is supported by a prestigious list of wines that have obtained numerous prizes and awards.

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