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Vines Pinot Grigio ( %)

Color: Bright coppery.
Smell: The nose expresses notes of mimosa, jasmine, acacia, ginger, pink pepper, pear and rennet apple, with citrus nuances and mineral puffs.
Taste: The palate is fresh and lively, juicy with intense aromatic returns. Long and vibrant finish, with good structure, with a very slight tannin deriving from maceration on the skins.
Food pairing: Appetizers and canapés, in particular ham, light soups, grilled fish and white meats. Excellent with risotto, even with spring vegetables.

Harvest: The grapes were handpicked and de-stemmed between 3 and 10 September 2019.
Vinification: After the harvest the grapes are then macerated for 4/8 hours at a temperature of 14 ° C directly in the presses, protected from oxygen with innovative systems by recycling their fermentation carbon, in order to reduce the contribution of antioxidants.
Aging: The must ferments and ages on the lees for 6 months both in large wooden barrels of 20/27 hl (for 10%) and in steel containers (for 90%).
Bottling: The wine is then assembled and bottled at the full moons between March and July 2020.a


"Since 1930 when grandfather Daniele buys the central body of the company, time has passed giving birth to the seed of a new generation ready to consolidate its roots. Crossing the threshold of time, new energies and new perspectives are grafted onto the legacy of the past, a new Venica & Venica era begins. Not only a metaphor but the emblem of a Concept that starts and develops around the identity, the origins of winemakers with the heart and becomes tangible testimony through the ancient door of "home" [Porta di Daniele], masterfully restored , and to which Ornella Venica is intimately linked by the profound meaning it carries within itself. Symbol, of a new path, borderline between two worlds, hinge between two realities that dialogue, opens tomorrow and closes or better, ajar the past behind us, letting its magical essence filter. Gianni and Giorgio two brothers who with care and passion have continued to give voice to the territory by cultivating with their own style vineyards that exude character and culture, in one word terroir. Wine culture and gesture of the producer, nature and innovation. Over time, professionalism, respect for the territory and history has become the living material that has shaped the architectural aspect of the Venica & Venica Company. Each room exudes a beauty dormant over time, the walls breathe from memory and every corner reveals stories and thoughts like the ancient pantry. The job of living and surviving is linked to the pantry, food nourishes and leads us to new days. Just like the door that today houses this treasure chest [Porta di Adelchi], precious, material, essential, which leads us to reflect on the precarious situation of the past. Having food to be identity on your territory. A door that does not close but invites you to discover a world from which the directives of your future branch out. Walking within these walls is like touching the feeling, feeling the breath, cutting the emotional fabric to be reborn in every instant memory and evocation. Venica wine. An interweaving of experience and present The winery seems to be an interweaving of experience and present, where modern design and wine innovation transmit a concept of propulsive tradition and previous future. Stones, wood, steel and corten seem to identify new interpretative codes. In synergy Gianni and Giorgio, they shed tradition in every small detail without ever underestimating the importance of evolution. Unprecedented solutions that identify with a new door [Porta di Gianni & Giorgio], a dynamic work of art, which in the simple operation of opening and closing stages a rhythmic dance of gears synchronized in the temporal flow of the eternal moment. Symbiosis cannot be otherwise, modernity modulated in reason and soul, only in this way can it work. Vision and evocation as a synthesis of a growing process. Besides, the future awaits the new generations [Porta del Futuro]. Light on new faces, ideas, projects, intuitions that walk to communicate wine in its truest identity. From the vineyard to man the terroir as a trait d’union.

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