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Sicilian Almond Pesto 180g.

Vincente Delicacies

A winning combination of craftsmanship, traditional recipes and passion for their land. The company has an artisan pastry shop in Bronte, home of the Pistachio DOP. Here it is collected and selected to create products of the highest quality. The highest quality, the care in the selection of raw materials, the attention paid to each production step, the refined packaging, the territory of origin, Sicily, a unique and rich land. The engine of Vincente's success is all female. 80% of employees are in fact made up of women. The small shop of the past is now able to employ 45 Bronte women, who in periods of high production reach 100. The company is sensitive to environmental protection: the use of photovoltaics and renewable energy is a big step towards reducing emissions and the consumption of conventional energy.

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