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The nose is intense and aromatic, with strong and clear references to rice. With good body and balance on the palate, it closes in long refreshing persistence.


Yoigokochi Sake Importers is a company made up of professional European tasters with a common past of exploration in Japan in search of traditional Sake, without the additional use of alcohol, sugar, additives or synthetic aromatic substances capable of altering the flavor profile of the Junmaishu '(' Pure rice wine '). The name 'Yoigokochi' translates as 'High-profile spirits' and conveys the meaning of the mission carried out by this group of enthusiasts in getting the western palate accustomed to the authentic taste of Sake, in the opposite direction to the surrogates that arrived at import into last years. In particular, behind the research lies the need to show the public the extreme variety of possible variations of Japanese Sake, from young Sake of red rice typical for aperitif use to dark Sake aged for digestive use. Between one and the other category, it is possible to find Sake with a fruity taste from polished Rice (ginjoshu), Non-pasteurized high-rise Sake (namazake), Organic Sake with earthy hints (shizenshu), Dry Sake (karakuchi), Cloudy unpolished rice sake (nigorizake) and long-aged soft sake in terracotta jars (koshu). To the traditional sauces, there are the flavored liquids, obtained from the maceration of Umeshi (local plums) and Yuzu (a citrus recently arrived in Europe thanks to Japanese cuisine) inside Sake aged for thirty years. Across Japan, only 12 producers process rice from organic crops, without the use of fertilizers: all their products fall within the Yoigokochi selection, helping to make the company's pioneering production orientation even more.

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