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Vines Greco Bianco ( %)

Color: Straw yellow.
Smell: Citrus notes with a marked perception of grapefruit.
Taste: Fresh round at the same time, savory, persistent and balanced with sensations of grapefruit.
Food pairing: Perfect for fish and shellfish appetizers.

Production area: Cariati (CS).
Surface: 15ha.
Vineyard altitude: 100m a.s.l.
Breeding system: Spurred cordon.
Plant density: 5000 plants/ha.
Production: 70 quintals/ha.
Yield of grapes into wine: 65%.
Harvest period: Second ten days of August.
Vinification: Fermentation cryomaceration at 8 °C for 10 hours, alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel at 12-13 °C, without malolactic fermentation.
Refinement: In the bottle.


The story begins in 1963, when Tommaso Greco, who already produces oil and wine in Terravecchia, builds the first oil mill in Cariati, it was the early seventies ... between the earth and the intense turquoise of the sea, between secular and mighty olive trees and a green expanse of vineyards. The family was growing ... Cataldo, Ernesto, Filomena, Christmas Francesco, Saverio, Marilena, Giancarlo ... so too the Company ... land in Scala Coeli, Ciro ', Ciro' Marina, Crotone, Strongoli, Carfizzi and Spezzano della Sila. Tommaso Greco leaves an inheritance of affections and values ​​... he leaves a company that his children manage with passion and ability. The heart of the company is kept in a modern and sober structure, set in a fairytale environment in which it is difficult to discern the sky from the sea; two uncontaminated natural boundaries, spectators and witnesses of love and respect for nature, fundamental values ​​of the business activity; nature and work, links with a family tradition made of respect for the seasons and the "times" of Nature. The air smells of history and culture; unique flavors and colors in the world are combined with the imagination, the strength, the cult of hospitality of a generous and welcoming land. Olive trees and vines are grown with ancient love, craftsmanship, advanced technologies, with the aim of "exciting" the consumer and guaranteeing an increasing level of quality, with the desire to convey "the sense of Calabria". Oils and wines "messengers" of a unique land still to be discovered. Tasting an oil or a wine from iGreco represents an experience of the senses and memory, an imaginary journey through history, mythology, culture of a people. Tasting an oil or a wine from iGreco represents an experience of the senses and memory, an imaginary journey through history, mythology, culture of a people. iGreco lives this emotion and wants to share it with everyone, in fact it is creating structures and services to welcome those who want to discover and make their "sense of Calabria" their own ... in Calabria. A "precious space" for tasting "Memory dishes", from the patio surrounded by greenery will seem to touch the foam of the Ionian Sea, the Enotri will return to "refound" the Colonies, here comes the Greeks and the Brettii and with these authoritative "Visitors" comes the olive tree, sheep farming, agriculture. Here, the Companions of Aeneas arrive, they clear the plains and cultivate cereals, olive trees, vines. A history made of archaeological finds, still alive in the stories and suggestion of Mythology. In this enchanted place, a farmhouse is under construction designed to offer total relaxation stays. Finally, a "temple" in which to celebrate History: the Historical Museum of Oil and Wine, the Mov.

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