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Color: Amber with bright golden reflections.
Smell: The nose is intense and rich, with notes of wood, vanilla and hints of undergrowth.
Taste: On the palate it is round, ripe, completely wrapped in an elegant and caressing material that gives a very long velvety aromatic persistence.

The word "Vesper", in Latin, "evening" and "evening star" represents the symbol of age and the utmost respect for the extremely traditional processing with which it is elaborated.
Created in the 1950s, the Vesper X.O is a Cognac consisting only of spirits from the best vineyards of Grande Champagne with a more powerful character than Pale & Dry.

Aging: Over 30 years in barrel.


The Delamain house, thanks to its deep roots in these privileged areas and constantly friendly relations with the owners-distillers, has always ensured its supplies from the best sources, paying particular attention to both aging and the other small stages of processing of Cognac. All distillates mature at least 20 years before being put on the market and even the distilled water that is used is subject to meticulous care. It is mixed with "Vieilles faibles" (very old spirits that have lost much of their original alcohol content) many months before use, to allow for a perfect "mariage" between the two components. At Delamain, smiling, they ironically say: "In order to guarantee perfect quality, we are so crazy that even the water gets old!".

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